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Please read the following to understand the terms of your participation in the ABDI Business Management Programs.

I agree to assume full and complete responsibility for myself while participating in any and all ABDI seminars, programs or events (online programs) hereafter referred to as the Program.

I understand that I may choose not to participate in any part of the Program. I understand the program may involve physical and non-physical exertion.

I understand the Program is not 'therapeutic' or a substitute for therapy.

I also understand that the program is educational in nature and consists of information and suggestions on how to improve my life and business.

I also understand that I bear complete and total responsibility for all decisions that I make in my life and business, irrespective of any suggestions or advice I receive.

I recognize that I am not receiving financial or other advice – and that I am obtaining educational information to support my own personal business decision making or to use the resources of my own advisors.

I acknowledge and agree that the Program, as well as my participation in the Program can be terminated at the discretion of ABDI for any reason at any time. In such an event I will receive a pro rata refund of the Program fee.

All information, processes and games that occur and develop within the Program are the proprietary right of ABDI and ABDI has provided the material to me for my personal use only. I agree not to record by any means including audio, visual, photographic or video, any portion of this seminar.

I agree to release the Promoter and ABDI and all their directors, staff, presenters, facilitators and associates from any liability or claims for financial compensation for my personal well being for the period of the

Program including any personal injury or mental anguish sustained by me. I agree to assume full responsibility for any travel and accommodation costs associated with attending this Event.

I further agree not to teach or use any of the information in the Program in any other program or seminar that I teach or am associated with, without written consent from ABDI.

I acknowledge my understanding and acceptance of this agreement by my purchase.


ABDI Pty Ltd, its assigns, agents, and licensees (herein known as “ABDI”) may record the Programs

It is intended the recording will be used for creating a new series of on-line programs, DVD’s and CD’s for people who are looking for resources on how they can achieve motivation, empowerment, wealth, money and success in their lives.


1. ABDI may record my voice, statements, and film me at the above location during the entirety of the program. ABDI may do this by means of any medium or technology (collectively referred to as the “recording”.)

2. ABDI may use my name, likeness, voice, and other information relating to me, in connection with the recording.

3. ABDI may also edit any recording, include it in various versions, in whole or in part, throughout the world in recording formats whether now known or later invented.

4. ABDI owns the recording exclusively and entirely.

5. I acknowledge that ABDI do not have to use the recording.

6. Provided that the actions of ABDI are consistent with this release:

• If the recordings include or depict any copyright work that I have created,

I grant ABDI the right to reproduce that material and I waive all rights in that material, for the purposes of the CD/ DVD series and written works.

• I release ABDI from all liability to me in respect of the recordings and expect no remuneration or payment. I agree that should I be recorded or filmed that I will receive no payment.

7. ABDI have the exclusive right to control the production, distribution, and exhibition of the online/CD/ DVD series.

8. I promise that I have full power to enter this release and the terms of this release do not conflict with any other commitments I have.

9. ABDI may use any testimonials whether written or verbal under these same conditions – to support promotion of these programs. I acknowledge and consent to all the above terms and conditions.

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